Free system diagnostics

Screen Replacement

Has your screen been cracked? We repair a wide variety of broken screens including touch screens, LCD's, laptops, and so much more.

Power connector

Does your computer not turn on? Does your computer have no power? Is the system shorting out or is the power jack broken? Let us help. We can replace the DC jacks on all makes and models of laptops.

Memory Upgrades

Computer running slow? We carry a wide variety of RAM for Laptop and Desktop upgrades - from DDR2 to DDR3. Check our availability of all sizes to meet your needs.

Data Backup

Afraid of losing those pictures or files? We can back up all your data including photos, videos, documents, etc. We can also transfer the data from one computer to another or provide you with the data loaded on a flash drive or external hard drive.

Operating Systems

Unhappy with your operating system or just not happy with the new Windows 10? We reload your system with a variety of available operating systems ranging from Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 and Linux OS

Computer Rebuild

Does your computer have water damage? Is your computer over heating? Rebuilds include the following full detailed cleaning of devices down to board level. It also includes a heat sink thermal repaste with Artic 5 silver & a test of all device components to ensure the life of your product.

Virus Removal

Need a pesky virus removed? We remove all forms of viruses, malware, trojan's, spyware, worms, browser hijacker, etc. Let us ease your mind by knowing your computer is not infected.

Gaming Computers

Wanting to explore the Gaming world? Then a Custom build might be what you're looking for. Options may include the following: motherboard upgrades, processor's, power supply, ram install/upgrade, heat sink, lighted fans, liquid cooled, graphics cards, HDD size, and an OS of your choosing.

We fully support Home Network and Small Business Network















Amboy Technologies specializes in installing wireless solutions. We have installed 100’s of access points for our customers. We are an “Ubiquiti” shop. We use their access points in both indoor & outdoor installations. We can provide heat maps and can make sure that you have full coverage in your required areas. Ubiquitis work seamlessly in a Meshed environment. Lastly, we can configure the entire wireless network to any network design that you need. Whether your need a single network or many wireless networks, we can do all the design, configuration, and security for your access points. Not to mention, we do all the installation.